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Jeff Saperstein explains his approach to Coaching from a Values based method 
Jeff Saperstein explains Career Navigation in this Video 
Interview at National Academy of Sciences on the T Summit
March 21-22, 2016
Free Video series for anyone seeking career planning, particularly those in the early stage of their profession. Please socialize and network to anyone you think may benefit. ​​
Produced in London hosted by NESTA (British Government) when Jeff co-led the group Traveling Geeks to blog about Technology.

The Interconnected Individual Podcasts

Rapid technological, organizational, and structural changes that challenge conventional institutions and economies have created tremendous opportunities for individuals to succeed in this new interconnected era. Interconnected Individuals adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set, regardless of field, industry, or work role.

As an Interconnected Individual, you’ll want to know how cutting edge thinking can help you design, implement, manage and enjoy your own individual economy. Listen to the podcast episodes  to learn from industry experts and prolific thinkers and be sure to check back as we add new episodes.